How to Properly Do a Rental Property Move-Out Inspection | Cape Coral Property Management Education

Nicole Pistone - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Part of any good rental management plan is ensuring the property is ready for the rental market. Today, we’re showing you what to do and what not to do when it comes to property walk through inspections.

Walk Through Rental Software

We use a property management software called Appfolio. It’s on your phone or tablet and it will guide you through the home and show you what’s important to look at. You can upload photos and make notes right on the app.

Property Inspection: Kitchen

Starting in the kitchen, you want to check the refrigerator. Make sure that when you open it, everything is cleaned out and ready for your new tenants. Do the same thing with the freezer and then you can check these things off on your rental inspection checklist. Look at the stove and the dishwasher and the microwave, and check for cleanliness and functionality with all those appliances. Run the faucets in the sink and look under the sink to make sure there aren’t any leaks. If the home has a garbage disposal, make sure that works as well. Other things to observe in the kitchen are the floors and the cabinets. Make sure they’re in good condition and the paint is okay.

Rental Walk through Checklist: Living Room

Check the floors and the walls again. You don’t want to see any holes or damage to the floor. Check for the operation of any sliding glass doors and windows. Check any patios or outdoor spaces. Make sure the locks work on the doors and windows, and ensure there are no broken screens. Take pictures of the doors and the locks.

Landlord Property Inspection Checklist: Bedrooms

Start with the master bedroom and check the other bedrooms and any offices or dens as well. Make sure windows and doors are functional. Check the blinds and make sure they’re in good shape. Look at the carpet for stains and document anything you find. Hardware on the doors should be functional. If there is a remote control for lights and fans, document that. Check the closets and make sure doors are on the tracks and lights are working.

Property Inspection: Bathrooms

Start with the master bathroom and visit the other bathrooms. Run the water in the sinks and make sure nothing is leaking below. Look at the floors to ensure they are in good condition and functioning. Flush the toilet and be sure it flushes easily and you don’t have any issues. Document everything you find in your software so the owner can see it.

Now that we have walked through the house and documented everything, we have completed our property inspection. We send this to our owners with pictures and videos. If the property is furnished, we do an inventory list.

If you have any questions about how to conduct a landlord property inspection or anything pertaining to Cape Coral property management, please contact us at Florida’s Finest Property Management.